The Society of Women Writers and Journalists

Mission and Manifesto


We are a non political, professional society for women writers and journalists. We recognise the professional skills of our members and we protect their interests in their professional work. We promote opportunities for women to write and to be heard, and we defend their rights to do so no matter what their race, religion or geographic location



The SWWJ will work towards the following aims:

• Protect the copyright system and support any necessary improvements to ensure that women writers are fairly recognised for their work.

• Equal pay for all women writers and journalists

• An increase in earnings for women writers and journalists to achieve fair market recognition for their work.

• Women writers should not be expected to work for free where other professions would be paid.

• Equal recognition and equality of opportunity for all women writers and journalists, whatever their age, background, race or religion, in all areas of work .

• Women writers have fair and transparent contract terms with publishers and enjoy the same legal protections that are available to writers in other countries

• Protect freedom of speech for women writers and journalists where it is threatened

• Protect the rights and professional position of women writers and journalists in the face of new market place developments.

• Support our members in other countries and be responsive where required to help protect their rights.

• Encourage writing amongst young women writers.

• Provide opportunities for networking, friendship, communication and social interaction in order to support the exchange of ideas and to ensure writers do not feel isolated.

• Provide professional education for writers, via workshops, training and access to speakers and markets to enable them to expand their knowledge, acquire information and take up new opportunities to develop their writing careers.

About SWWJ

The Society aims to encourage literary achievement, to uphold professional standards, to promote social contact with fellow writers and to defend the dignity and prestige of the writing profession in all its aspects.

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