How to submit your work to SCRIPTORA

For detailed information about publication by SCRIPTORA, click here to email us, or write to: SCRIPTORA, 25 Summerhill Road, London N15 4HF. Please enclose a stamped addressed envelope with your enquiry.


SCRIPTORA is an assisted-publishing facility open to members of the SWWJ.

It helps FULL and ASSOCIATE members to branch out and be published in a genre that is new to them, for instance, a published journalist, dramatist or poet, who has written a novel, which she (or he) is finding difficult to place with a large publisher, having no track record in that area of writing.

SCRIPTORA can also help writers of short stories or poetry to reach a new readership by publishing an anthology of their work. An out-of-print book can sometimes be re-published in a smaller quantity than a commercial publisher would consider.

We offer a package which includes professional Proofreading, Editing, Publicity and Marketing advice. All our services cost £10 per hour, a special rate for Society members. We use a good printer whose prices are very competitive, provide you with your ISBN and review your book in The Journal.

When you apply to be a SCRIPTORA author, you will be asked to supply the names of a minimum of two people of literary standing e.g. an agent, an editor, a critic, a published author, a member of the SWWJ Council, who will endorse you.

Please note: Publication will not be considered without this endorsement.


Our books


  • Scriptora book

    The Oxford Trinity

    Author: David Matthews
    Publication date: 23 Dec 2019

    1986. Thatcher's Britain and the City of London is buzzing with energy and aspiration. A gifted young barrister is found slaughtered in Temple Gardens and Scotland Yard is called in. The murder has the hallmarks of a straightforward grudge killing, but for DCI Joe Loxley and his murder team it is just the beginning of a challenging case that becomes increasingly high profile and takes them to an Oxford college and the famous Iffley Road athletics track. Darkly tragic, the investigation and case conclusion vividly exposes the randomness of fate.

    Paperback price: £7.99

    Available from

  • Scriptora book

    The Girl at Conway Place

    Author: Alex Rushton
    Publication date: 29 Aug 2019

    1986. Cathy Simpson is a single mother, desperate to provide her son Jason with a father figure. When she joins a dating agency and meets the charming Simon Scott, he forms a strong bond with Jason, but Cathy can never forget the man who was Jason's father. Looking for him leads to unexpected consequences for all…

    Ebook price: £3.99

    Available from

    Paperback price: £7.00

    Available from

  • Scriptora book

    Terra Incognita

    Author: Mary Rothwell
    ISBN: 978-0-9500591-2-9

    A new poetry collection, published June 2019.

    "Mary writes poetry full of beauty and strength... She invites us in to share atmosphere, and evokes our senses. Her memories live in well-constructed lines and phrases. Her technique is sound, her imagination and perception create life in her poems. Most enjoyable reading."
    Doris Corti, Vice-president SWWJ.

    Price: £7.00

    Available from

  • Scriptora book

    Kingfisher & other things

    Author: Doris Corti

    A second volume of poems from prize-winning poet Doris Corti. (Avenue of Days was published by SCRIPTORA in 2014).

    "Doris Corti's poems weave eloquent language into beautifully layered pictures"
    Alison Chisholm, poet and tutor.

    To order, please email Doris Corti

    Price: £7.00

  • Scriptora book

    Threads of Life

    Author: Patricia Jones
    Paperback and Ebook
    Publication date: 29th March

    A first novel by Patricia Jones, already well-known as a dramatist.

    If you enjoy Joanna Trollope's stories, this one, set in the fictional Home Counties town of Wainbridge, will appeal to you. Behind the creation of the Wainbridge Heritage Tapestry lie friendships and rivalries, births and deaths, heart-ache and romance, greed and betrayal - all the threads of life's tapestry.

    Price: £8.99

    Price eBook: £3.99

    Available from

  • Scriptora book

    Twelve days to dream

    Author: Bradley Bernarde

    Modern life meets Jane Austen in this new time-slip adventure from Bradley Bernarde. When solicitor Anne Reed steps into an old-fashioned chemist’s shop seeking a cure for her cold, the last thing she expects is to step back 200 years into history. Magically transported into the elegance of a Regency world she has always yearned for, Anne has twelve days in which to experience her new life, discover old secrets and accept her true destiny.

    Price eBook: £1.99

    Price: £11.40 (inc. p&p)

    Buy the book...

  • Scriptora book

    Short stories and poems in English and German

    Author: Alfa
    ISBN: 978-0-9562494-4-9

    "Nothing exists without order; but also, nothing can be created without chaos."
    Albert Einstein

    "The texts form a cauldron of life, a big stew where all ingredients are mixed together, asking you to add your own specific flavours. Alfa’s stew tastes excellent, is easily digestible, and above all, beautifully chaotic".
    Alfred Gewohn - Soester Anzeiger

    Price: £11.40 (inc. p&p)

    Order directly from the author

  • Scriptora book


    Author: Alfa

    A medieval German town in the Nazi era. A magical island filled with words.A wedding with the wrong bridegroom. A disturbed, imaginative girl and a young man called Wonderful.A Jewish grandmother who must be kept hidden. A brother in law in the Hitler-Youth Movement.Amid all the terror and deprivation of the war years, there is still laughter and love...

    Price: £10.99 (inc. p&p)

    Order directly from the author

  • Scriptora book

    After the Battle

    Author: Fay C Marshall
    ISBN: 978-0-9562494-1-8

    After the battle, Fay Marshall's third poetry collection, has a distinctly European flavour, with translations from French, Russian, and German, in collaboration with her late husband. The sequence ‘Euro-Routes/Euro-roots’ traces a variety of strands of European identity, and some verses take their inspiration from Celtic legend, a Polish folk song, and Greek scenes both ancient and modern. Green issues are also present, and various other topics include a sinister rose grower, a painting by Constable, the Boat Race, and an admonition to A E Houseman from A Shropshire Lass.

    Price: 6.50

    Order directly from the poet

  • Sunrise at An Lac

    Author: Alex Rushton
    ISBN: 978-0-9562494-7-0

    2033 - In An Lac ashram, at the tranquil heart of the Swiss Alps, a small group of men and women find their oasis of peace under threat from the rise of religious fundamentalism and catastrophic events in the outside world, where tsunamis have wiped out half the planet’s coastline. Their charismatic leader, Ajahn Annando, has followers world-wide who look to him for guidance: compelled to act, he establishes An Lac as a resistance command centre and the ashram members face challenges, both emotional and physical, they would never have foreseen or chosen.

    Set in a post-apocalyptic world, this thrilling and thought-provoking novel stirs both the senses and the imagination.’ Jane Christopher, journalist.

    Price: £6.99

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  • Scriptora book

    Avenue of Days

    Author: Doris Corti
    ISBN: 978-0-9563494-9-4

    Doris Corti has written non-fiction books and is a regular contributor to Writing Magazine. Her poems have been published in many poetry magazines and her second world war poetry has been used in schools during her involvement with the Poets in Schools Scheme. The collection includes a number of poems that were written during the long illness of her husband, and after, when she tapped into what seemed a different sort of creativity. Others are observations and recollections drawn through ‘an avenue of days’.

    "Doris Corti’s poetry has clarity, focus, and a delicate touch when conveying emotional truths."
    Gladys Mary Coles

    Price: £6.95

    Order directly from the poet

  • Scriptora book

    Making it Happen

    Author: Violet Dench
    ISBN: 978-0-9562494-8-7

    Born in London, Violet Dench spent many years of her life in Australia. She began writing seriously in 1992, and her work has appeared in several Australian publications and has also been read on radio. this is her first published collection. Following the death of her husband in 2002, she returned to the UK and currently lives in Worthing.

    "A very beautifully-crafted account of much that has happened to her."
    Susan Skinner

    "Making it Happen is a rewarding journey through space and time."
    Fay Marshall

    Price: £7.95

    Order directly from the poet

  • Scriptora book

    A Handful of Straw

    Author: Mary Rensten
    ISBN: 978-0-9562494-6-3

    All the woman wanted was a handful of straw. When the farmhand refused to give it to her, she put a spell on him. He said... .The villagers said she was a witch; They wanted her dead.So did Francis Bragge... and he was a man of God. Mary Rensten’s new novel tells the story of one of England’s most famous witch trials, that of Jane Wenham, at Hertford in March 1712.

    A fascinating insight into what life was like in bygone times.’ Christopher Carter

    ‘Mary Rensten's best novel to date […] is a highly visual drama that could translate well to stage or screen.’ Chris Hussell

    Price: £5.81 (eBook format)

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